BCA has offered me support, healing, and care. I’m so grateful to the healing staff,
services, and its accessibility! Gratitude gratitude gratitude!
— Ali


Community Acupuncture

Comprehensive– $65
Standard – $45-30*
Drop-In Clinic (Fri 2-5pm) – Pay-what-you-can*
Pediatricc – $40

Private Acupuncture

Comprehensive – $90
Standard – $50

*No one turned away
for lack of funds

Additional Therapies

Cupping only - $50
Cupping + Acupuncture - $65
Moxa + Acupuncture - $50
Gua Sha + Community Acupuncture -$50
Gua Sha Massage Stand Alone (15 mins.) – $25

Body Work

Tui Na Massage/Chi Nei Tsang

30 mins. – $50-$30
60 mins. – $100-$60



For your convenience, we accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card


About our Sliding Scale Fee Structure

BCA offers acupuncture on a sliding scale in order to make Chinese medicine more accessible to more people. We’re able to provide accessible and affordable care because the majority of our patients receive acupuncture in a community setting.  We believe that by receiving acupuncture in a community setting, your treatment is also enhanced by the powerful energy of group healing.