Whether you’re new to acupuncture, Chinese medicine, or this is simply your first visit to BCA, we look forward to meeting you and supporting you on your health journey.

Here are some basic suggestions for you, in preparation of your first visit:

Wear loose, comfortable clothing so that practitioners have easy access to your limbs (from the knees and elbows down).


Acupuncture or massage is not recommended on an empty or too full stomach. Be sure to eat something (but not a large meal) before coming for your treatment.


Allow yourself about an hour and fifteen minutes to be at the clinic for your first visit, and try to give yourself a couple hours of relaxing activity after your treatment. If you are interested in a more comprehensive acupuncture intake, you’ll want to add 30 minutes onto that.


BCA is an oasis of peace in a too busy world. The receptionist, the massage therapy, and acupuncture all make me feel welcome, cherished, and at home. Thank you all for being here. Thuy has made a wonderful community.

About our sliding
scale fee structure

BCA offers acupuncture on a sliding scale in order to make Chinese medicine more accessible to more people. We’re able to provide accessible and affordable care because the majority of our patients receive acupuncture in a community setting.  We believe that by receiving acupuncture in a community setting, your treatment is also enhanced by the powerful energy of group healing.  

Not sure what type of treatment to get?

Comprehensive Intake or Standard Intake?

For new patients, or returning patients with new symptoms or issues, we recommend that you choose a Comprehensive Intake (if you answer yes (or maybe) to any the following questions:


Are you new to Acupuncture?

Are you hoping to be treated for more than one ailment?

Are your ailment(s) of a serious nature?

Do you have a complicated medical history?

Would you like extended time to talk with the practitioner?

Would you like a personalized detailed treatment plan?

Would you like dietary and lifestyle counseling?

If you can answer no to all of the above questions, then our Standard Intake is sufficient even for your first time appointment.

Community Acupuncture or Private Acupuncture?

While our emphasis is on community acupuncture at BCA, we also understand that some conditions and some individuals may require treatment in a private room*. If you can relate to any of the conditions below, you might consider a private acupuncture treatment.

A patient might prefer a private room because they:

  • may be very sensitive to other patients (sounds, scents, energy) in the community room, inhibiting their own relaxation and process.
  • may not want to disturb other patients because of their own condition, ie. repeated coughing, sneezing, etc.
  • may need treatments that require needles on the back of the body.
  • may have a condition where they need to lay down flat or on their side, as opposed to seated.

Community acupuncture and private acupuncture treatments are offered with either a comprehensive or standard intake.

*Private room rates are $50 with Standard Intake and $90 with Comprehensive Intake.

To learn more about our treatments, therapies, and procedure, visit our Treatment Page.

I like it here it’s so nice and comfy, like home :-)