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Body Speaks: Writing in Winter with Jenna

Jenna is really generous and kind as the moderator of the group.
— Testimonial

Winter is the season of rest, reflection, and relaxation. It’s the time to nourish our bones and sink into the dream space, awaking with visions and ideas for the year ahead. In this workshop, we will write together based on prompts inspired by the season’s themes as a way of aligning to the pulse of the Earth’s rhythm.

Writer’s can expect this process to be exploratory, to invite them into spontaneous acts of creativity alongside other writers, and to take home 2-3 pieces of their own creation. No experience is necessary, just the desire and curiosity of putting pen to page.

About Jenna: Jenna creates a supportive and fun space for all styles of creative writing. She believes in writing as healing and that everyone has stories to tell. Jenna is a Tui Na practitioner at BCA and staff at Green Windows’ Writers, a non-profit program based in Oakland.

Cost: $40
Space limited to 10. Please reserve here or front desk.