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Sanctuary Sunday with Eva

Sanctuary Sunday - a special wellness treatment where all proceeds will benefit local community organization voted by the community.


Treat Your Feet:  Stay Grounded with Acupuncture

$25 (100% proceeds go to Center for Investigative Reporting)

Our April Sanctuary Sunday features a treatment focused on the feet, both literally and metaphorically. Our feet play an essential role in moving us forward, keeping us grounded and enables us to stand up for ourselves & the things that matter to us.  

Acupuncture focused on feet care does not mean treatment exclusively on the feet. It means a balanced treatment that can ground your energy to the earth and treat:

  • anxiety, stress, too much in the head
  • feeling ungrounded & disconnected
  • sore, painful feet    
  • poor circulation, cold feet
  • tired feet, low energy  
  • general tune-up, well being

You will get an acupuncture treatment and a sachet of epsom salt, Chinese rose buds and essential oil to add to your foot bath at home!

Eva Shu has a master’s degree in acupuncture and east Asian medicine from The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. She believes in each person’s innate ability to heal, in the collective strength of community, and in healthcare accessibility and inclusivity.