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SUMMER SOLSTICE Heart Opening Sound & Acupuncture with Thuy & Minna

Summer is the season of the  heart, an organ  associated with joy, love, passion and creativity. When the heart is supported, these emotions are available and balanced. When the heart is overstimulated, excess nervous energy, anxiety and insomnia can be present.

Sound healing, together with acupuncture can soothe anxiety and open the heart to increase the capacity for passion, creativity and love!  Sound healing in particular has an immersive ability to entrain and tune the heart!

Session 1: 3 pm - 3:45 pm (full)
Session 2: 4 pm - 4:45pm

Relax into Joy!

*  45 minute/session. Limit  5 participants/session.
* You will also receive BCA’s specially formulated tea:
Glow to support your healing at home as well as self-care instructions for the season.

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About Minna: Minna Sivola is a certified Sound Practitioner. She has a private practice in Oakland and she offers sound healing classes around the USA and Europe. Learn more about her


3 PM session is full. 4 PM session is open for booking.