Harmony is the Rule of Nature: The Year of the Fire Rooster!

The Lunar New Year recently began and I feel the first stirrings of Spring underway. Fresh blossoms are beginning to bloom, the sky lightens earlier, and I leave the house with one less layer on. I feel an energy slowly emerging that desires greater expression and connection with the external world. After a dark cold winter of the Fire Monkey when the world seemed topsy turvy, I am eagerly aligning with the Fire Rooster for a fresh new start.

Like Chinese Medicine, the Chinese Zodiac is based upon keen observations of the patterns and laws that govern the Natural World. Existing in harmonious relationship with the laws of the Natural World is the aim of the traditional Chinese way of life.What is considered the Natural World is not only what we commonly think of as Mother Nature, but includes us as human beings and the worlds that we create. The question of how to be in harmonious relationship with ourselves, Nature, the current state of the Nation and our fellow human beings is something that many of us have been struggling with as of late.

Harmony is a skillful ordering of separate elements to create an accord of greater value than what might emerge through accident, thoughtlessness or willful discord.To create harmony during troubling times, great skill is required and the wisdom of the Fire Rooster reminds us to call upon clarity, precision and intelligence for a successful resolution. Ignoring this careful work is a cockiness--the rooster’s imbalance-- that we cannot afford, especially during these trying times.

Where do we begin? We begin by putting our heads back on. Last thing we want to do in Year of the Rooster is to run around like chickens without heads. This may be hard as our fears are being triggered and setting off alarm bells inside our guts. Try not to panic and locate your head. In so doing, we may begin to see that there are logical systems and steps to caring for ourselves and our community that can establish peace and harmony.

Rooster is about structure - early to rise, early to bed. This year, it is critical to establish healthful regimens that ensure adequate rest, movement and nourishment. Prioritize eight hours of sleep, regular exercise and eating well. Additionally, organize your work and living space to increase order, cleanliness and efficiency. Care for yourself with thoughtful and established routines and your fear will eventually transform into empowerment.

Then turn your attention outwards and extend that empowerment to your communities. Connect with others to brainstorm systematic ways to realign our Nation with the Natural Order. Make alliances with those who are doing similar work. Harmony is the rule of Nature. In order to reestablish the Natural Order, we ourselves--through our living, through our being, through our conscious connection--must align with harmony. In the Year of the Fire Rooster, it is through careful, thoughtful and systematic action on both an individual and collective level that harmony and peace will prevail. Join me in this work. Cock-a-doodle-doo!!!!!!!



How will the fire rooster show up for you in your life this year?

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