BCA supports ongoing wellness and prevention with highlighted monthly specials aimed at keeping you strong and balanced throughout the year. Our specials are thoughtfully curated to align with seasonal changes, and we price them affordably.

Read on below to learn more about this month’s specials.

Rub The Should Off Your Shoulders Massage Special

30-min session with Min & Jenna • $40

Everyday demands and responsibilities often land on our head, neck and shoulders. Prolonged periods of desk work create additional layers of tension.  Our head, neck and shoulders brace to carry the world. A good massage relieves our tension physically & emotionally and lighten our load.

Our special targets the common places you hold the most tension –
head, neck and shoulders. It helps to relieve tightness, pain, discomfort and increases circulation for such things as:

  * Headaches & migraines                         * Stress & anxiety
  * Heaviness                                                 * Insomnia    
  * Pain in neck, shoulder, jaw or even lower back        * Poor posture


Cupping is a very effective deep tissue therapy for releasing muscle tension, pain, and soreness. It has great detoxifying effects & helps :
* clear blockages
* improve circulation
* stimulate & boost internal organs

Gua Sha, which means to “scrape away inflammation”, is used to release stagnant blood and lymph from the muscle layer.  It helps :
* alleviate neck & shoulder tightness
* sinus congestion & asthma
* anxiety & allergies