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Dear Friends,

Last year with your support, BCA set up a free pop-up acupuncture and massage clinic in Gallup, New Mexico. We provided treatments for our Navajo brothers and sisters for common afflictions in their community: pain of all kinds, addiction, depression, anxiety, insomnia, digestive problems and other ailments. At the end of our trip, our sponsor Justice Robert Yazzie expressed a deep gratitude. More than just the treatments, he emphasized the symbolic meaning of our clinic in the role of healing. He felt that our efforts and care in connecting our community with theirs held a type of healing that is profound and sacred and much needed in our increasingly fractured world.

Indeed we had to trust the sacred healing to reach beyond the people we were able to reach that weekend.  Because compared to the actual number of Indigenous people that need care and attention, the number that we saw was quite miniscule. After that, we pondered how to reach more people with our medicine. A year later, we’ve developed a plan.



BCA is currently researching and developing two training programs for the Navajo community to empower community members with knowledge and tools for ongoing care. The first program is a training for healthcare workers to administer basic Chinese Medicine care for the population.  We are hoping to to train credentialed people in the healthcare field in basic acupuncture to aid symptoms such as pain, detox, diabetes, depression, anxiety and more. The second program is training the layperson basic self-care for everyday ailments for themselves and their family. This training will include simple techniques such as different types of massage and lifestyle/ exercise/ diet counseling.

We are still working on getting the appropriate green light to launch the first program and are currently working on training manuals for both programs. Along with the time and resources it takes to develop the training manuals, occasional travel to New Mexico is necessary to secure the proper connections and work out the program details.

Are you able to  help with the resources to get these programs off the ground?  We are targeting to raise $5000.00 for travel, research and publishing expenses as well as supplies and tools for our next pop-up clinic, scheduled for the fall.

Our deepest gratitude for your ongoing help and support of our clinic and programs!

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