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Dear BCA Community,

Everyday, I am so grateful for the BCA community. We have such a palpable sense of joy, magic, ease, and connection in our clinic, and from our team of practitioners, volunteers, and patients, we all do our part to make this community the special place that it is. It is with this love and inspiration that we plan a journey to share our community and benefits of traditional Chinese Medicine with another community.

If you haven’t yet heard, the BCA team is heading to New Mexico at the end of March to set up a free Chinese Medicine clinic for the Navajo community of Gallup. There will be five practitioners of Chinese Medicine in total (Thuy, Catie, Andrea, Rosemary, and Jenna), our beloved sound healer Minna and two more helping hands from our community!  We’ll be setting up clinic in a sacred Navajo hogan on the community’s healing lands. We are honored to offer our medicine to the Navajo community, and anyone seeking treatment will be welcome and treatment will be completely free. We’ll also be teaching basic self-care classes that will teach basic Chinese Medicine guidelines around diet, exercise and techniques such as acupressure to help the community continue to benefit from Chinese Medicine after we leave. To learn more about our deep connection with our Navajo family in New Mexico, please refer to our latest musing.



Our intentions are strong and mighty but we still could use your support to help our journey be one of success and ease. Will you help us set up our pop-up clinic in New Mexico?





To cover our costs, we hope to raise $3000 for our trip.


Here’s how your support can help us work with the Navajo community:

  • When you donate $10, you cover the cost .of a box of acupuncture needles that can treat up to 20 patients!
  • When you donate $25, you can help us buy gua sha tools for the community
  • When you donate $50 you help us buy groceries to feed people while we have clinic.
  • When you donate $100, you help us put a roof over our heads after a long day’s work!
  • When you donate $250, you fill our gas tank to get out there!

Thank you for your support!


Any donations will help us with supplies and set-up, feeding the community when we are there, transportation and housing costs, and help to cover our time off work. Thank you so much!


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PS. Ready to make a contribution? You can help us get to New Mexico by donating here.


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