Just walking in the door I begin to unwind. I find a tender calm in my body being cared for, and I always walk out feeling lighter. Thank you deeply for this space, service, and community.
— Alana

At BCA, we say, “heal yourself, heal your community”. This is not just a philosophy; it’s a living practice and it’s reflected in our skilled practitioners, dedicated volunteers and staff, loyal patients, and our intentional community space. While we administer the highest quality of Chinese medicine in a community setting, BCA is not just a place to go when you are sick. It is also a space that supports ongoing wellness, cultivates community and inspires health on deep and connected levels. The services, specials, products and workshops we offer are carefully and joyfully crafted with deep healing, community, accessibility and sustainability in mind.

The Four Tenets of Berkeley Community Acupuncture


There is no greater expression of health than Joy. Joy is living fully, feeling fully and surrendering to the play of life. Joy is the light that shines when we move through the world with ease and trust, as the expression of who we are. Joy doesn’t always look like rainbows and smiles. Joy means being present to what shows up. At BCA we are a colorful and inspiring collective of individuals with our compass pointed towards Joy.  


Connection is at the heart of Chinese medicine—the understanding that everything is connected internally as well as externally. Internally, mind-body-spirt. Externally, person-family-community. That is why at BCA, we say:  Heal Yourself, Heal Your Community. The awareness of our inseparable connection brings home the influence of our well-being on the community and the well-being of the community on us. We are all in this together. When you heal, we heal.


Magic happens when our story or understanding of something unexpectedly gets interrupted or overridden. For example, levitation is magic because it overrides what we know of gravity. When someone does something in an unexpected way we often claim that it’s magic because it goes against what we thought was possible. At BCA magic happens when healing takes us beyond what we thought were possible. Magic happens when we see and experience possibilities that we thought were out of reach. Magic happens when we change our stories of struggle and suffering to that of ease and thriving.  


At BCA we like things ease-y. Drama-less, without struggle and strife. We believe that easy things are a neglected yet essential part of health and healing. Easy things like taking a stroll by the lake, laughing with friends, taking a nap, singing a song, enjoying a good meal, taking a deep breath. Easy things like silence and stillness. Easy things that are not so easy anymore because we are spending so much of our time stressing and struggling that we’ve forgotten how to be easy. At BCA, we remind you of all the easy things you can do to put yourself at ease, which can be summed up as:  Relax and Enjoy.  Easy Peasy.